'ello. Thanks for tuning in to our little home on this glorious webspace.  On the left stuffing my face is ya boi Ebbie, and on the right is the ever so talented Toby (don't tell him, but I'm planning on stealing that jacket).  

Listen, we get it.  You've been clicking and screenshoting and sharing and subtweeting all the kajillion photos out there from a whole bunch of incredible photographers and it's EXHAUSTING. 

See, the thing is, as you can see from the photo above, just because we have a small business (with all the fluff that comes with that term), we are human.  Just like Jack and Rebecca Pearson, we too have have been through the fire (too soon, too soon), have cried, have laughed and embarrassed ourselves (emphasis on that last part).  We are friends first, business folk second. 

Sure we all have iPhone Xs and triple action lenses in our pockets, (which we love btw), but on your big day, have two friends work to make you and your family look beautiful to look and pass on for years to come.  Oh, and you'll have two weirdos to laugh at or with. Win-win.

With all the sad news out there (no, not fake news), we are hoping that our personalities and ability to capture your wedding, will in some small way help you fall in love with each other over and over again for years to come.

We have so much more to say, but why not just fill out this form  and let's talk more then.

Thanks again, and see you at the altar!

-Toby & Ebb

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Unfortunately, we currently do not snap newborn photos! Everything else, we're in! Sorry!