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Meet Toby & Ebbie

Listen, we get it. You've been double tapping, DMing and sharing all the kajillion photos out there from a whole bunch of incredible photographers and it's EXHAUSTING. 

'Storytelling' and 'natural light' are among the hot trending hashtags when it comes to photography, especially for weddings. At FTT, we are influenced by many of the great journalistic photographers out there who spend a great deal of time on their assignment--no matter if it's a riveting photo from deep within the Serengeti or a vulnerable shot from a grieving mother in Syria. Appreciating and investing in their subject is what gives us the viewer, the power of emotion that will forever be cemented in history. A single photograph has the power to literally change the world on a global scale, heal a broken heart and renew mundane and routine lives.

We are so committed to learning, breaking stereotypes and developing unique ways to impact the world around us. We here at FTT use this platform not only to serve you, the client, but ourselves first. Now we know that sounds backwards, but hear us out. By investing and developing relationships with our clients, we in turn are rewarded with incredible life lessons to build upon as individuals and as a company. We then have the power to properly capture a photograph that can change your life. Because when the glitz and glam of any milestone fades, you pay vendors like us to help you get through the the "in sickness, and in health...in joy and in sorrow" moments for years to come.

As active members of local healthcare and education systems, we both understand now more than most, the heavy burdens of anxiety, loss and sickness you may carry. Plans change, major curve balls get thrown our way leaving us lost and confused. But there's the thing--you've gotten this far. Life is ours for the taking, because tomorrow is not promised. And we're gonna be right by your side to proudly capture and celebrate with you safely and respectfully--no matter your guest size.

Check out what our incredible clients have to say below!



“Toby and Al have been such a great help for our wedding! They were perfect for our wedding from the beginning to end. They had a mixture of big picture vision but also being complete to the smallest detail! I have recommended them to everyone I know and will continue to do so! As weddings are a tense day to begin with they made our day less tense because of their professional and congenial personalities! They don't want to just get the job done they want to get know your story and capture that moment”